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Karina’s psychic readings are here to enhance your life. If you are needing some direction in your life, Karina is here to guide you through the connection of spirit to help you find that direction. Karina’s readings are conducted face to face, though through the covid time Karina is currently doing readings over facetime and Skype.

Healing Therapy

Karina’s healing technique as a Qigong practitioner is strictly universal and is designed to heal all blockages and imbalances causing illness and disease in the mind and body. Karina does not claim to heal illness or disease with Qigong, this technique is to release the blockages that cause the illness and disease and should not replace conventional medicine.

Spiritual Mentoring

Karina has dedicated her life to spiritualism and Reverend-ship for most part of her life alongside some of the greatest spiritual teachers in her time. Karina has helped many clients including professional business people, Qualified Counsellors and therapists and even people in her field, just to name a few. She has helped her clients with major decision making that has changed their life for the better.

Animal Health & wellbeing

Karina conducts pet communication sessions at her home-based in Elimbah on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia or on facetime and asks pet owners to bring their pet with them for the session so that Karina can see the pet. Karina will tune into and communicate with the pet on arrival and discuss any pet concerns and inform pet owners the best option for their pets. Karina notices a distinctive correlation between pets and their owners and at the same time, she is helping the pet owners too with their health by awareness of their pet’s health.


I recently both witnessed Karina demonstrate mediumship to a group and experienced a private reading with her.

Having seen a number of high profile international mediums demonstrate over the years and I can say that the quality of mediumship that is so natural for Karina is of superior quality.

Karina also has extremely high ethics to her work and the depth of her connection to the spirit world allows a level of detail in the communication to be profoundly healing.

This leaves no doubt that the soul continues after this physical life.

If you get the opportunity to experience Karina’s mediumship, take it!

I’ve seen Karina a few times over 7 years now. Her helpful guidance has been amazing!. Her readings are accurate, she is very friendly and calming.

I was looking for guidance and direction and had a spirit reading , i was at the crossroads with a relationship and had 2 totally different directions that I could choose to travel
I was amazed at the multiple messages and accuracy of the information that was steering me down the fork in the road . All of the messages were very definite and not obscure at all , some of them I confirmed within hours of the reading
I would recommend Karina with out hesitation
Regards Ian

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