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Psychic Medium Karina Webb has dedicated her life to Spiritualism, Reverendship, & Teaching over the last twenty years and is a true ambassador for the spirit world.  Karina demonstrates evidential spirit messages at her Joining Two Worlds events and many other forums proving the spirit lives onKarina is also an Author of heavenly Home. Spiritual Mentor, Pet Communicator for pets general well being and Qigong  Practitioner.

Karina has  trained with some of the most top popular teachers in the world and here in Australia and her credibility and devotion to helping her clients is second to none, she has a compassionate approach with her clients and shares uplifting messages.

A highly recommended Psychic Trance Medium who demonstrates a high standard as an ambassador for the spirit world. Karina’s integrity, and code of conduct are plausible.

Readings are conducted via Face to Face, Skype, Phone or face-time by appointment only.

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Hello, I’m Karina

Thank you for visiting my page.

I have a passion to help people  and through my career l have seen many clients flourish from my mentoring sessions, healings and readings, not to mention pets and their owners through the pet well being sessions.

Enjoy the different modalities l can offer you.

How can l Help you?

Psychic Readings

Karina’s psychic readings are based on helping you move from the past and designed to guide and empower you to help shape your future. If you have been thinking about a reading, click on the link below to find out more. 

Spiritual life mentoring

Karina has been alongside many spiritual mentors and with her own knowledge empowers her clients with a no bull approach to help improve their lives. If you feel you need guidance, at this time and would like some clarity,  click on the link below for more info. 

Qi-gong healing Sessions

Karina’s healing technique as a Qigong practitioner is strictly universal and is designed to rid, balance and heal the body of  blockages and imbalances causing illness and disease in the mind and body. Many clients have healed well from Qigong. For more info click on the link below.

Pet communication /Well Being session 

Karina conducts pet sessions at her home, based near the sunshine coast of Queenland. Karina’s recommends pets to be present at the sessions. Karina helps pet owners through communication sessions for pets general well being.

Joining Two Worlds Events

Karina’s live shows, Joining Two Worlds  allows her to converse with loved ones in spirit which if you get a chance to meet Karina, she is truly a beacon for many who have been touched by her presence with the connection of love ones in spirit. Look for up coming events on the events tab.   


Read what Clients are saying about Karina.

Mentoring Session

Thank you so much. I just wanted to say that after seeing you privately at your place. you have changed my life.

You are amazing Karina as you helped me believe in myself & know that I can do anything that I put my mind to.



A big heart warm thank you to Karina for my mentoring session. This gave me clarity and direction to help me move forward.

I am forever grateful for the support Karina gave me. In fact l don’t know where l would be without Karina’s guidance.


Mediumship session

Recently I had seen Karina in the hope to connect with my Father (Taaji) who passed away inane 14/2/19. yes Valentine’s Day. Karina made a very accurate and profound connection with my father.

Not only what Karina was saying but the dancing the actions definitely my fathers.

My father was all about love and Karina could see the love crackling not just in that room but expanding beyond out in the world which truly what my father was about.

I am very happy and in peace of the message relayed to me via Karina.

thank you lovely.. definitely will be seeing you in near future. lots of love and blessings and Big thank you for the awesome work you do.

you truly are using your gift given by god to help people.


Psychic Reading

Thank you so much for my reading today. You confirmed so much for me. Take care



I’ve seen Karina a few times over 7 years now. Her helpful guidance has been amazing!. Her readings are accurate, she is very friendly and calming.



I was looking for guidance and direction and l was at the crossroads with a relationship and had 2 totally different directions that I could choose to travel

I was amazed at the multiple messages and accuracy of the information that was steering me down the fork in the road . All of the messages were very definite and not obscure at all , some of them I confirmed within hours of the reading
I would recommend Karina with out hesitation.

Regards Ian

High Tea Party with a Twist

Looking for a party with a twist, book this lady, she is amazing.

Today we had a high tea party with the medium lady in red, what an amazing experience.

 The connections were strong. My grandfather came through and he was describing his life as I knew it, talk about validation.

The connections for others were just as amazing.



My high tea party was a success with having Karina  deliver spirit messages.

She is a  truly talented who also has conpassion when she deleivers her messages.

I highly recommend  Karina for a high tea party


Mediumship Event

I recently witnessed both Karina demonstrate mediumship to a group and experienced a private reading with her.

 Having seen a number of high profile international mediums demonstrate over the years and I can say that the quality of mediumship that is so natural for Karina is of superior quality.

 Karina also has extremely high ethics to her work and the depth of her connection to the spirit world allows a level of detail in the communication to be profoundly healing.

 This leaves no doubt that the soul continues after this physical life.  If you get the opportunity to experience Karina’s mediumship, take it!


Pet communication Session

I came to Karina in the hope to find out the answers to my pets  behavioural  problems.

I ‘m so glad l did and l would highly recommend Karina.

Karina communicated with my pet to find out what was going on

if you have a issue with your pet then give Karina a call.

Jan & peter


Karina helped me with  my dog and l am very happy with the outcome.

Karina  helped me to bring my dogs health back to normal  and stopped the Allergy my boy suffered  from.


Spirit Essence

Capturing Spirit

Karina has had the pleasure of witnessing and being part

of some of the most amazing seances where spirit phenomena took place.

Karina has been fortunate to capture some of her very

own  spirit phenomena.

Book- Heavenly Home

Children’s Spiritual Book

Have you ever had a love one pass?  

Do you know where they go from here?

This delightful colorful story book takes you into the life of a young girl

who ‘s love one has transitioned to the

afterlife and her perspective of where we go when we leave here.



For century’s meditation as been seen as the daily ritual practice for spiritual leaders across the world, but today meditation has taken on a new meaning of discovery for humanity. It’s not just for spiritual gurus in their ultimate spiritual temples; it is much more. It’s for anyone who is searching for some inner peace in their daily lives.


Firstly I would like to debunk the myth about not everyone can heal.  Every single person has been given the gift to heal both themselves and their love ones. No one person is more special than another, We all can heal. We all have access to this energy,and we all pose the ability to heal through the universal channel of the creator.


  • Psychic Readings   
  • Joining Two Worlds Events
  • Qigong Therapy
  • Spiritual Mentoring
  • Pet wellbeing & communication

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