1 Hour Spiritual mentoring Session


Karina has dedicated her life to spiritualism and Reverend-ship for most part of her life alongside some of the greatest spiritual teachers in her time. Karina has helped many clients including professional business people, Qualified Counsellors and therapists and even people in her field, just to name a few. She has helped her clients with major decision making that has changed their life for the better.

Many people try to get through their pain and suffering without dealing with the issues right underneath there nose. This is where Karina can come in a give you clarity. Karina Says, Many try to resolve theirs issues by spending thousands of dollars to help themselves to no prevail. This is where Karina shifts their consciousness to a different level and helps them see a different perspective.

Karina is here to listen and support you, though Karina is here to get to the root cause of why your seeing her.

All information in a session is strictly confidential as is all other information such as personal details withheld.

How can Karina Help you today?


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