Our Disclaimer regarding all services and events.

By Participating in any services or events with Karina Webb you accept the following and acknowledge that in no way is Karina Webb liable or responsible for any adverse effects from sessions or events and that Karina Webb is not responsible for any information shared and how it is perceived by the client.

All services used to intend to complement any other practice and any information received are NOT a substitute for or intended to interfere with legal, medical, financial, relational or specialist diagnosis and treatment provided by any legal professionals.

It is strongly recommended that you contact legal, medical, financial, relational or specialist about your specific concerns as in no way is any information provided to be used instead of or in place of a professional opinion.

You must inform Karina Webb if you at any time experience any physical, mental or emotional discomfort which you consider to be out of the ordinary.

You are responsible for your own participation and well being. Some information given can be confronting and upsetting. If you do not wish to continue at any point in time please let Karina Webb and their respective officers, directors, employees, agents and /or volunteers, know and they will take appropriate action.

You willingly and knowingly assume for yourself, your heirs and legal representatives, all risk of physical injury or emotional upset which may occur during or after this service or event and you hereby agree Karina Webb and their respective officers, directors, employees, agents and /or volunteers, harmless from any liability, damage, loss, cost or expense, arising out of your participation during the service or event.

Whilst all care is taken when handling guests safety and property, no liability or responsibility will be taken for injury, loss of, or damage to property before, during or following a service or event.

No Guarantees or assurances are given and Karina Webb will not be held accountable for any interpretations or decisions made by recipients.     

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