For century’s meditation as been seen as the daily ritual practice for spiritual leaders across the world, but today meditation has taken on a new meaning of discovery for humanity. It’s not just for spiritual gurus in their ultimate spiritual temples; it is much more. It’s for anyone who is searching for some inner peace in their daily lives.

Studies have shown meditation has many health benefits to stick to it.


* Firstly it helps the brain’s pre-frontal cortex for eliminating stress, anxiety and to help with many mental illness which humanity are having today.

* It can also help with the ageing process.

* It can help with eliminating additions from smoking, narcotics, meditations and food substances.  This is done through connecting to the higher source for guidance and can give you a sense of soul bliss of fulfilment.

* It Improves sleep deprivation and a troubled mind and so much more.


Well let’s put it into context that you don’t need to chant, or be in a postured position or do a mantra like the guru’s do it. You can simply start by sitting.

Simply begin with these techniques:

1. Put on some soft gentle music which makes you feel relaxed and comfortable in a dim light.
2.  Sit or lie down and get comfortable.
3. Invoke the divine creator to be present and surround you in a cocoon of white light.
4. Close your eyes and begin to listen to the music.
5. Take in a breath of creators love, and then exhale any concerns to the creator. Keep doing this and on every exhale imagine the light within you expanding your body like blowing up a ballon. On every exhale imagine you going  deeper and deeper into the chair or bed you are in.

6. Don’t worry about the destructive mind or what we call it as the monkey mind trying to stop you, or the dog barking, or any other noises you hear. Acknowledge what comes in and allow it to wave over you and don’t give it any more  thought; imagine it going to the creator.

7. Say to yourself in your mind, l surrender with love to the creator and keep repeating it.

8. Don’t worry about your mind or your body being fidgety. If you make a routine each week to sit with the creator, you will begin to become more at ease with stillness. The creator works with you each time you sit.

Remember when you think not anything is happening, be assured there is a lot happening. You just don’t know it. The creator will readjust, realign and heal you for oneness every time you sit. Each time you sit, your creator will work with you helping you with stillness for your mind and body.

The most important thing to do is to start and don’t stop.  Remember there is no right or wrong way to meditate because the creator works with each individual differently.

10 to 15 minutes  once a week is more than enough to get you started. Enjoy your meditations and see what impact it can do for you.

I recommend you start with a guided mediation to help you to settle into that space and enjoy your inner space with the creator.

l wish you all the best with your meditations.

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