How to become a universal healer!

Firstly I would like to debunk the myth about not everyone can heal. 

Every single person has been given the gift to heal themselves and their love ones. No one person is more special than another, We all pose the ability to heal. We all have access to this energy to channel the energy to heal from of the creator.

Universal healing is a fundamental principle that the body has the innate ability to heal itself from illness and disease. By utilising this “life force energy, it accelerates the body’s inborn natural ability to heal itself and this is why healing is so profoundly remarkable.

The mind can play an important part in the healing process. The mind can be a destructive weapon  and based on your beleif system you will or will not  be healed. So having said that if you feel you will be healed, you will.

Universal healing is not a new practice in this new age sector. Healing has been around for centuries. There are some many different modalities of universal healing such as Reiki, Qigong and Pranic healing just to name a few. Whichever healing technique the creator works with you or another will present itself in it’s finest form.


The purpose for humanity to tap into this ancient universal healing is to bring forth balance, unity, realignment and healing in both the mind and body for longevity and well being.

This life force of healing energy can bring an unwell person back to better life force if they believe in it. Many have healed themselves from cancer and many other illnesses and diseases related problems based on their belief system.

If you believe universal healing will heal you or others to rid the illness and disease, it will. If you believe it won’t, it won’t.

When medications and other healing practices don’t work, universal healing is there for all humanity.


1. Firstly have some quite time and place the intention to the creator that you desire to heal yourself or to be healed.

2. Close your eyes and in a quite space, bring your awareness to your hands and bring your hands together leaving a gap. Ask the creator to allow you to feel the energy life force between your hands.
Play around with this energy like you are holding an energy ball and feel the ball of energy vibrate between your hands. If you don’t feel it right away, don’t be alarmed. You will begin to as you practice this method over and over again.

Remember it is there and you will feel it. Your mind will tell you no, your intuition will tell you yes.

3. When you feel this energy in your hands, take it to a part of your body you may wish to heal. You may feel a vibration coming from your hands. This is okay. Keep working with it. The vibration is simply the creator bringing a life force energy or electromagnetic energy of vibration within you threw your hands to heal you.

You may feel energy going threw your body, this is okay too. Don’t be scared. This is simply a fundamental healing designed to heal you from the creator and you are the vessel receiving the healing.

Practice your universal healing and you will see benefits over time.

4. When you do this practice, always thank the creator for your healing.

5. The more you do it, the more you will become better at it!

6. Try sitting in meditation and receive healing.


1. It can rid blockages that cause illness and disease within the body.
2. It can give you mental clarity.
3. It can create wellness and realignment.
4. It can give you a surge of energy life force.
5. You can feel a sense of calmness, I call it blissfulness.
6. It can release anxiety, depression and stress.
7. It can support internal healing after surgery.
8. It can help with the discomfort of pain within your body..
9. It can give you better restful sleep.
10. Most importantly it supports the connection between you and your creator to live a life of wellness.

Healing yourself or others is the greatest gift you can ever give yourself from the creator, so don’t forget to use it as often as you can.

Begin your healing journey and experiment with yourself or with a friend to experience the effectiveness what universal healing life force can do for you and your love ones.

Enjoy your healing.

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