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Caturing Spirit

Karina  has had the pleasure of sitting for the spirit world in many seances and has captured and witnessed some of the most amazing spirit Phenomena of the spirit world.

Karina has captured some of her very own in her sittings. Please note: Karina has given full permission to allow her spirit team to work with her for spiritual development and Karina is in no danger or possessed in anyway by her sittings.

This is the physical entrancement of spirit in the physical form to show us the spirit still lives on and their is an afterlife as we know it.

Please Note: All photographs remain the property of Psychic Medium Karina Webb and are not to be used for any other publication under the terms and conditions of the footer of this site.

Karina sits with her spirit team for the purpose of her development.

Spirit Eyes

You will see in this photograph Karina with spirit eyes and a sight over shadowing of one of Karina’s spirit team members This was taken after a seance.

Early stage of spirit ectoplasm building & slight Transfiguration

This photograph shows early stages of transfiguration of spirit and ectoplasm forming in the room with some orbs.

Early stage of face Transfiguration

In this photo you will see one of Karina’s spirit team members transfigurating in masculine form.

Capturing Karina's Aura

Capturing Karina’s Aura
This picture was taken during the day. You will see an Aura of light expanding out from the top of Karina’s crown.

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