2 Hour Spirit High Tea Party


Would you like to catch up with good friends or family sitting back sipping delightful refreshments and eating scrumptious appetizers in the privacy of your own home, retreat or venue ?

During a 2-hour high tea party, Karina will connect with love ones in spirit and relay messages of relevant  proof of life after death. Karina’s goal will be to deliver messages which will contain information such as personality traits, looks, dates, health, work, funny experiences or anything of proof of life after transition.

Karina will come to your special  housewarming parties, special birthdays parties, cocktail parties, Bridal and Baby shower parties, anniversary or any other special occasions..

Gather 10-15 plus people or more for your high tea party.

The host supplies the food, refreshments, and ambiance.


Not every person will receive a spirit connection, however you will be in delighted to experience connections for others. If Karina has time she will give  personal uplifting messages to those who have not received a message who may want one.

Parties are held on Fridays and Saturdays along with nights by appointment. .

Minimum Number: 10-15 people per party.

Please make contact through the contact page for  times by appointment.

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