1 Hour Ancient Qigong Therapy Session


Karina’s healing technique as a Qigong practitioner is strictly universal and is designed to heal all blockages and imbalances causing illness and disease in the mind and body. Karina does not claim to heal illness or disease with Qigong, this technique is to release the blockages that cause the illness and disease and should not replace conventional medicine.

Karina has had the utmost amazing experiences witnessing her clients being healed with Qigong for general well being. One client she remembers, had a large lump on the top of his stomach the size of a grapefruit and by the end of the session the lump dropped in size to a five cent piece. After three sessions it was gone. Another client who was pregnant came for a session after being at the doctors in pain. The healing practice was gentle and profound and successful. Both mum and bub were well.

Do try Qigong or general well being for your mind body and soul. Healing sessions are conducted via Face to Face on by appointment only.



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