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I recently both witnessed Karina demonstrate mediumship to a group and experienced a private reading with her.

Having seen a number of high profile international mediums demonstrate over the years and I can say that the quality of mediumship that is so natural for Karina is of superior quality.

Karina also has extremely high ethics to her work and the depth of her connection to the spirit world allows a level of detail in the communication to be profoundly healing.

This leaves no doubt that the soul continues after this physical life.

If you get the opportunity to experience Karina’s mediumship, take it!

Rosheen Qld

Karina  joining two worlds Bribie Island QLd Australia.

Karina has dedicated her life to the spiritual industry delivering life-changing messages from love ones in spirit to the wider public by joining two worlds.

Karina’s ability to converse with loved ones in spirit is truly inspirational and is a beacon for many who have been touched by her presence.

If you haven’t been to one of Karina’s live joining two worlds events, take this opportunity to find a joining Two worlds near you.

Karina, live at Joining two worlds sold out event Caboolture

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