Karina – Psychic Trance Medium

Karina, a Psychic Trance Medium, Spiritual Reverendship mentor, Qigong practitioner and  Pet well-being communicator who lives near the sunny coast of Queensland, Australia.

Karina’s spiritual  journey  began when she was a young girl seeing spirit animals on the wall along with her twin brother, though she didn’t understand what it was she was seeing or experiencing, though she knew it was a wonderful experience.

From childhood, she can recall her parents and grandparents talking one day about what they use to do in seances in their early days which is where Karina’s interest to connect with the spirit world came from.

In her twenties and thirties meditating was certainly a consistent solace and grounding in her life and helped her to restore her life again for the better.

Meditating five nights a week in spiritual circles  from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast, and her home base near the sunshine coast. Her dedication and trust to sit with the other world became very strong and gave her a strong foundation to build her connections with the spirit world.

Along with the teachings of the  spirit world, Karina has also trained with some of the most top popular teachers in the world and here in Australia.

Karina has also spent a vast part of her life in helping the community connect with their loved ones for fundraisers, spiritual congregations, and social spiritual events for the public as a Psychic Medium.

Karina’s devotion to helping her clients is second to none, she has a compassionate approach with her clients and shares uplifting messages along with proving life after transition  of loved ones from the other side.

Through her own losses, Karina understands what it is like to lose loved ones and to go through hardship. This is why Karina has a strong passion for helping her clients reach their full potential and whether during a Face to Face Readings or as a member of the audience in a live event, loved ones bring fun and laughter for an evening of enjoyable entertainment.

Readings are conducted via Face to Face, Skype, Phone or face-time by appointment only.

If you have been looking for a reputable Medium take a look at Karina’s services for more information.

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